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Sea Moss Challenge | Blowing Dandelion

By | Sea Moss Challenge

Sea moss…what do you do with yours? Expert chefs, health specialists, bakers and personal trainers integrate sea moss into their routines and tell all.

Sea moss is a water vegetable that traps sunlight and is packed full of essential minerals. It contains 15 of the 16 essential minerals that you need to function healthily. From calcium to zinc, these minerals support the healthy functioning of your blood, bones and muscles; the foundations of a healthy body. We clean it thoroughly and create our own sea moss gel. This can easily be added to smoothies, sauces and cakes. It can act as an egg replacement and is an excellent binder.

Blowing Dandelion

Name: Michaela

What you do: I am chocolatier and co-own a boutique coffee and chocolate shop, Blowing Dandelion, with my partner Neil.  

Why you do it: After my son was born, I didn’t want to go back to work but did want to create something unique that could flexibly fit around family life. I had seen Jamie Oliver making Christmas truffles on T.V and thought I would give that a go. I started creating handmade chocolates and cakes. First I sold to local venues, then established my own market stalls around London. This was a great way to develop my techniques and chocolate making style. 9 years ago Neil and myself opened Blowing Dandelion. It’s a great hub in the local community.

Your inspiration for your workThe chocolate studio is my playground. I love innovating new a beautiful recipes; from star anise and chilli chocolates, to galactic swirls and elegant pyramids. Being able to create something that gives people pleasure, while getting to be creative is a wonderful feeling.

Where can people find you?: 3 Belvedere Rd, London SE19 2HJ, Crystal Palace

Have you heard of sea moss before?: No

What made you decide to use it the way you did?: The gel was very thick, so I decided to use it as a binder in some raw vegan cakes. I made a tangy mango and passionfruit cake and a death by chocolate one.

Did/ could it replace your typical ingredients?: It replaced some of the cocoa butter I would usually use, as the gel really helped the cake to set. The ratios would something that I could definitely experiment with.

How was it to work with?: At first I tried stirring in the gel, but found that blending it worked best because of its thickness. You could probably produce different viscosity gels depending on what the purpose was for. I think even if it was more watery, it would also work with my recipes.

How did finished product taste?: What I love about this sea moss, is that it has absolutely no flavour but adds a velvety texture. It hasn’t affected the taste of my creations at all, while adding the extra minerals.

Mango & Passionfruit: creamy, silky, tangy, invigorating, unique, modestly sweet

Death by Chocolate: velvety, rich, smooth, indulgent, bold, decadent, cacao- how d’ya like me now! A chocolate lover’s dream.

Would you use it again?: Yes. It’s great to have all the added health benefits. It feels very high quality and would be best used for speciality products geared towards health.