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Sea Moss Challenge | Sophia The Herbalist

By | Sea Moss Challenge

Sea moss…what do you do with yours? Expert chefs, health specialists, bakers and personal trainers integrate sea moss into their routines and tell all.

Sea moss is a water vegetable that traps sunlight and is packed full of essential minerals. It contains 15 of the 16 essential minerals that you need to function healthily. From calcium to zinc, these minerals support the healthy functioning of your blood, bones and muscles; the foundations of a healthy body. We clean it thoroughly and create our own sea moss gel. This can easily be added to smoothies, sauces and cakes. It can act as an egg replacement and is an excellent binder.

Sophia The Herbalist

Name: Sophia The Herbalist

What you do: 
I am a Medical Herbalist. I do one-on-one consultations with people where we discuss their health issues or concerns. I then provide them with herbal medicine and diet and lifestyle advice to help them back to health. I also do group workshops to help people to get comfortable with using herbs in their everyday lives.

Why do you do it: 
I’ve always been totally fascinated by the human body and have had a strong passion in understanding how to keep it healthy. I have an even bigger passion for helping others to understand how to treat themselves and prevent disease with plants and foods.

Your inspiration for your work:
My inspiration and motivation come from seeing the benefit that herbs and good plant food have on people.

Where can people find you?: 
Instagram:  @SophiaTheHerbalist
YouTube: Sophia The Herbalist
Website: sophiatheherbalist.

Have you heard of sea moss before?:
I have heard of sea moss before and how nutritious it is, but I had never really looked deep into it.

What made you use it how you did?:
The texture was perfect for the pudding. It has a thick gel-like consistency which is lovely when mixed into desserts. I often make this chocolate peanut butter pudding dessert and would usually use Xanthan gum to give it hold. Seamoss however, packs a ton of nutrients and gives the final product a wonderful texture.
I had a little of the sea moss gel leftover so used it in my hair as a part of my deep conditioning hair mix. The slip it created allowed me to detangle my hair easily and left my hair feeling super soft afterwards.

Did/could it replace your typical ingredient?:
Yes it did replace my usual ingredients. Xanthan gum in the pudding and slippery elm in the deep conditioner.

How was it to work with?:
It was very easy to work with. I’ve seen the process of making sea moss from the fresh product and having the ready made gel made it very simple to use in recipes.

How did the finished product taste?:
It tasted good! I tasted the sea moss beforehand and was happy that it didn’t have much of a taste, thus not interfering with the recipe.

Would you use it again?:
Yes. Most definitely!