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Sea Moss Challenge | TCK Plant Based Kitchen

By | Sea Moss Challenge

Sea moss…what do you do with yours? Expert chefs, health specialists, bakers and personal trainers integrate sea moss into their routines and tell all.

Sea moss is a water vegetable that traps sunlight and is packed full of essential minerals. It contains 15 of the 16 essential minerals that you need to function healthily. From calcium to zinc, these minerals support the healthy functioning of your blood, bones and muscles; the foundations of a healthy body. We clean it thoroughly and create our own sea moss gel. This can easily be added to smoothies, sauces and cakes. It can act as an egg replacement and is an excellent binder.

TCK Plant Based Kitchen

Name: TCK Plant Based Kitchen

What you do: 
We sell Ital, plant based Caribbean food.

Your inspiration for your work:
We are inspired by good food, food of the diaspora and educating people about healthy eating.

Where can people find you?: 
Croydon, Surrey Street Market, 11.30am-4pm, Wednesday-Friday

Have you heard of seamoss before?:
We’ve heard of sea moss before but never used it.

What made you use it how you did?:
We added it to smoothies as it was the easiest way to incorporate it into our daily routine

Did/could it replace your typical ingredient?:
It was more of an addition to other ingredients.

How was it to work with?:
It was pretty easy.

How did the finished product taste?:
The sea moss didn’t alter the taste at all.

Would you use it again?:
Yes we would use it again and will continue to use it daily.