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Here is a round up of what we’ve been doing this month. If you’d like to know more about what we’re cooking, get discounts and special invites, then become a VIP by following the link.

This month

Matoke Green Bananas: originate from East Africa

We have rediscovered soups. We have some really tasty recipes, using seasonal veg… in the U.K this is limiting us to squash and kale. But you know there’s a lot of life you can breathe into meals using the right seasoning and sourcing the best veg you can.

We’ve tried out British hemp flour in our pizza dough- a great source of protein and omega-3 don’t-cha know. We’re really getting into the power of hemp. It’s much overlooked, but if you’re plant-powered it’s well worth doing some research into how you can get it into your life. We’re using hemp oil and flour to give our bodies a boost. We’re also learning about hempcrete- an alternative to concrete that is sustainable and actually helps to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

We have cooked Matoke green bananas in so many different ways your head would spin. You can use them as a potato alternative. They are a great source of B6 and help your body to absorb calcium. We find cutting off the ends and boiling them in skins for a couple of minutes helps us to peel them more easily.
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Next month

We will be planning our plant-powered cooking class with Life After Hummus. VIP’s will receive a gift from us if they attend.

We will take our foray into hemp products to the next level and create a British hemp oil pesto, all locally sourced. Become a VIP to find out more

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