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A new year, a new start and lots of resolutions! We’d like to share some of our Veganuary life-hacks and recipe ideas, so read on for food inspiration. If you’d like to know more about what we’re cooking then become a VIP for free by following the link.

Oh-Mega Pancakes

This month 

We celebrate the little guys and all the strength they bring. Marine phytoplankton is an incredibly nutritious and sustainable food source. It is packed with vitamins, omega-3 and all of the amino acids (protein) you need. It helps your body to create new healthy cells, and isn’t that what a New Year is all about? Renewal, growth and healing. Marine phytoplankton is a micro algae found in our oceans. It is responsible for 90% of the earth’s oxygen! Say what? That’s right- 90%. This month we have been introducing this little fella into our diet, cloaking the pond flavour in ginger, banana & peanut butter smoothies. We’re really hoping the plankton helps eczema as some research suggests- we will keep you guys posted.

Oh yes we’ve done it… we’ve joined a gym. We actually joined in December because we didn’t want it to feel like a New Year fad. So far, so good. Combining classes, swimming, workouts and spa time, we’re managing to stop it from feeling boring. We are loving those exercise endorphins and are somehow finding a way of balancing childcare with self-care. Take that, 2020!

We have set ourselves the target of producing a PDF of our cookbook by April. So many people have been approaching us to ask about its release. It seems like you guys really want some fast, easy, tasty and nutritional plant-based recipes. So, as publishing takes a while, we are going to get you a digital version ASAP. The morning after our New Year’s eve party, we mastered our Oh-Mega Pancakes recipe… we say party, but it was more like a toddler’s sleepover, with all adults crashing out at just gone midnight. Rock ‘n’ Roll baby. At least it meant we were clear headed when feeding our guests on the first morning of the year. Join our VIP mailing list for a sneak preview of the pancake recipe and to be the first to hear about the PDF release.

Next month

  • We will be experimenting with chocolate making, using our favourite mineral booster, seamoss. Let’s see how many truffles, chocolate bars and cakes we can get ready for February 13th, Black Love Day.
  • Can we commit to a smoothie challenge? We are aiming to create a smoothie a day (all with marine phytoplankton). We are determined to set 2020 off to a beautiful start.

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