By 22nd February 2020Newsletter

Is it just us or did January feel like a long month! We are welcoming in the shorter month of February and the lighter days. This month has been all about chocolate and sea vegetables (sounds like a strange combo, but suspend your disbelief). If you’d like to know more about what we’re cooking then become a VIP for free by following the link.

This month 

Our smoothie challenge started off great, but then life got hectic, so we probably averaged 4 smoothies a week. This led us to discover a little life-hack with our marine phytoplankton supplement. When we couldn’t make a smoothie we started to mix 1/4 tsp of this nutritious sea vegetable with a shot of water and a shot of ginger pressé. The juice disguised that sushi seaweed flavour really well. So far eczema is improving, but we’re not sure if it’s the plankton or increased water consumption. Fingers crossed it keeps improving.

Seamoss, while being mineral rich, also acts as a great emulsifier and preservative. We’ve been using our seamoss gel and sous-vide machine to create delectable truffles. We hope to be receiving  taster pack of seamoss from St Lucia soon. When we do, we will let you know if it is The One!

We have almost finished our e-book based on ideas from our sold-out pop-up, More Thyme for Plantain. For those of you on our VIP Mailing List, we will be sharing some of the recipes for free.

We have been experimenting with ways to cook mushrooms and are totally reconsidering how we see this delicious fungus. Rather than a side, think of it as the star of your meal. This means using chunky portions and trying to buy the mushrooms clusters that are now available through the Wicked brand and some farmers markets. Interestingly, mushrooms that have been grown outside in partial sunlight, contain well over your RDA of vitamin D. If you’re not sure about your shrooms, place them in midday sun for 15 minutes.

We are starting to get inspiration for a very special pop-up dining experience. We will let you all know when details are finalised, but let’s just say it will be elegant, delicious and educational.

Next month

This March we will be jetting off to St Lucia and Dominica to visit our families and introduce them to our little man. We are VERY excited, although a little nervous about the long haul flight with a 20 month old. We will also be doing some flavour research into street food and island food history. We will be sure to share some stories with you on our return.

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