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About Us

The kitchen is where we fell in love. But before we met, we both ate meat and dairy. A plant-powered diet saw our energy levels go up and stress levels go down. Our kitchen became a laboratory, where vegan food is enriched by Caribbean flavours. Our small organic vegetable garden started with just 12 inches of windowsill. It is now the perfect playground for plant-powered experiments. By day, we work in the arts, produce videos and teach. By night we experiment with recipe ideas, plan our community projects and pop-up dining experiences.

When your time is limited by heavy workloads, trying to eat well is tricky. We often feel guilty for not managing to juggle work, the gym, Netflix binges, gallery visits, reading and socialising. After the arrival of our first child this ‘time-poor, guilt-rich’ imbalance is even more apparent. Rather than give up on eating well, we develop healthy vegan, plant-powered recipes that were quick, fun and affordable.

We always have cookbooks in development- so many ideas! Please visit Our Shop to see our current offerings. Our Recipe Ideas page has a selection of dishes for you to preview. Let us know what you think.