Vegan 15: Ain’t Nobody Got Thyme For That


Our cookbook will give you an Electric Future Foods dining experience at home…

Ain’t nobody got thyme to go out!

Love & Light,

Darryl, Ella & Baby Z

Vegan 15: Ain’t Nobody Got Thyme For That, is in development. Our plant-powered, Caribbean inspired cookbook will be packed with ideas that are quick, simple, fun and affordable. Over 50 recipes, only 15 minutes to prepare. Join us on our journey and try out some recipe ideas that have made the cut!


I loved last night, thank you again for the wonderful food. The crumble KILLED IT.

Kwame Kwei Armah OBE

Food was simply delicious.

June Sarpong MBE

[We've] been dreaming of [the Ital fritter] since [we] tried it. Divine.

Handmade Apothecary

there’s absolutely no meat, but hey, there’s sea moss jelly for pudding and we reckon that’s once in a lifetime.

Kitty D, Time Out

Thank you for the Seamoss gel, can't wait to create something amazing with it. Big up yourselves.

Livity Plantbased Cuisine

Delicious food

Project Noir

Food Art! Thank you to the very creative Ella & Darryl- vegan chef genius', for a truly beautiful meal

Sarah Pimenta

Beautifully presented and delicious vegan experience.

Stella B

Mouth watering. Oh my gosh, so good.

Michaela Pleskova

Delicious dishes...feeling nourished thank you! Can't wait for the next [supper club].


The cooking class got us working together and experimenting with the recipes. They were so easy to follow. I'll definitely use them in the future.

J. Saunders

Best dining experience ever! Such good vibes and delicious food. Let me know when the cookbook is out.

Mrs M.