Dining Experiences

We host Caribbean, plant-based, vegan pop-ups in and around London. These are creative, immersive  dining experiences, full of flavour, where nourishment is what you eat, see and hear! Our sold-out events have inspired us to write our first cookbook. So if you are looking for some simple ideas to transform your cooking habits please visit Our Shop, where we will share the secrets of some of our most popular dishes and time-saving ways you can navigate your kitchen. 

If you would like us to design an event for your venue, please get in touch.

See below for a taster of past events and menus.

More Thyme for Plantain | Pop-Up @ The Grocery

A unique vegan Caribbean pop-up in Shoreditch, More Thyme for Plantain was a plant-based foodie adventure. From plantain caviar to papaya pepper, we spiced up vegan food by introducing Caribbean flavours. The banquet showcased plantain in a variety of new and wonderful ways. Accompanied by natural potions from Amazon best sellers, Handmade Apothecary and scents by Etha.Life. Dinner was followed by performances from Trinidad’s reggae star, Buzzrock + popular DJs Toast Collective and TEEZA. More Thyme for Plantain was an event to feed the soul as well as the stomach.

All Inclusive Menu


Tasting banquet + live music performance by Buzzrock


Plantain Papaya & Pineapple Smoothie Shot

To prepare your belly for the delicious treats to follow.

Plantain Ceviche

Raw plantain marinated in lime juice with fiery papaya seeds and lemon-thyme.

Courgette Tartar

Cold smoked avocado puree with shredded courgette, red pepper, thyme and topped with a plantain caviar.

Baigan Choka

Smokey aubergine with roasted plantain, thyme, beetroot and pomegranate.

Opening Acts

Plantain Kamut sourdough and mezze dips

Smokey aubergine with roasted plantain, thyme, beetroot and pomegranate.

Mini Pastels

Sun smoked mushrooms, plantain, island spices and cranberries encased with thyme infused cornmeal, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. Served with our Caribbean Kimchi.

Main Stage

Island Roast

Nut roast served with plantain and kohlrabi puree, roasted green plantain, seasonal vegetables and a spicy tomato gravy.

Closing Show

Thyme For Something Sweet

A light fragrant thyme sponge made using green pea flour; served with plantain and sea moss jelly, plantain coconut ice cream and sweet, sticky caramelised seeds.

Electric Burger Shack | Pop-Up @ Cafe of Good Hope

Following sell-out event in Hoxton, Electric Future Foods launched a Guilt free organic burger experience.

Ever tasted a kastu curry flavoured potato-less chip? A pulled sweet and sticky jackfruit? Or an avocado sourdough brioche bun?

Caribbean flavours met healthy innovation and good vibes, while diners discovered how high-frequency cuisine could revolutionise their lives.

Using air-fryer technology, all menu options were low in fat and plant-based only, without skimping on flavour! Sounds of vintage Roots vinyl accompanied the evening courtesy of Toast Collective London.

Eat-In Menu (Including Pre Booked)


1) burger + 2) chips/ side + 3) 1 dip + 4) bottomless salad + 5) shake + 6) dessert

Passing Through


1) burger + 2) chips/ side + 3) 1 dip + 4) salad + 5) shake OR 6) dessert



1) burger + 2) chips/ side + 3) 1 dip + 4) salad

Burgers £11

Pulled Jackfruit Burger

Sweet and sticky jackfruit, infused with Chinese flavours from the islands. Served on sourdough brioche bun.

Ital Smoked Stack Burger

Organic black bean, chickpea & sun smoked mushrooms, complimented by thyme himalayan salt and aromatic jerk spices. Served on sourdough brioche bun.

Chips & Sides £3.95

Katsu Chips

Hand-cut katsu curry flavoured chickpea chips. *Gluten Free


Organic sourdough cornbread, using GMO free corn, emmer flour and roasted plantain. Tastes great with smoky BBQ bean dip!


Roasted plantain with herb seasoning and rose peppercorns. *Gluten Free

Dips £1

Raw Ketch

Sweet sundried tomatoes with herb seasoning. *Gluten Free

Cold Smoked Avonaise

Smoked garlic, avocados & sea moss. *Gluten Free

BBQ Bean Dip

Organic turtle beans, smoked aubergine and a sweet tomato reduction. *Gluten Free

Salads £3.95

Asar Salad

Cavolo nero kale with toasted sunflower seeds, pomegranate and pear, in avocado and olive oil dressing. *Gluten Free

Beets & Roots

Marbled beetroot, squash and rocket with citrus and ginger dressing.*Gluten Free

Shakes £5.95

Strawberry Flower Shake

Apple banana, strawberry, hibiscus flower and mineral rich sea moss.

Dandelion Frappuccino

Dandelion coffee, ginger, coconut milk and mineral rich sea moss.

Dessert £5.95

Blueberry Cheesecake

Organic coconut and cashew cream on a walnut, date and oat biscuit base, served with fruit and a blueberry sauce. *Contains Nuts

Electric Future Foods | Pop-Up @ Long White Cloud

Proof that healthy eating can be fun, flavoursome and exciting. Electric Future Foods took diners on a tasting adventure.

A delicious pop-up evening of specialist, organic, veg-only creations, inspired by flavours of the Caribbean. The evening was accompanied by the sounds of original Calypso, Roots and Rocksteady, as we transformed this creative hub into an elegant, tropical dining experience.

All Inclusive Menu


4 course electric dining experience + seat for Toast London d.j set

Amuse Bouche

Soup 1804

A creamy, spicy soup made with sage-roasted organic squash and raw garnish, served with a green American-style avocado biscuit.

Squash soup is known as Haiti’s national dish as it was the first staple meal of this emancipated state after they fought off the French in 1804.


Red, Gold & Green Terrine

A lentil terrine demonstrating the diverse flavours of the Caribbean; combining ‘Katsu’ and ‘Kajun’ spice flavours, served with a thyme-salted kale kracker. *Contains Nuts

Ital Fritter

A sweet onion & plantain fritter made with yellow split-pea flour, served with sticky tamarind sauce. *Gluten Free


Electric Stew & Calaloo with Quinoa

A rich, creamy stew based on Trinidadian Pelau, with all starch & refined sugars removed. Accompanied with spicy,coconut callaloo and a sweet nutty quinoa. *Gluten Free

Sweet Potato Gnocchi , served with roasted vegetables, romesco sauce and an electric pesto.

Light, fluffy handmade gnocchi and a fresh tomato sauce, served with organic sunflower seed pesto.


Spiced Pumpkin Pie Cake

Organic pumpkin and banana with almonds, topped with a coconut ‘buttercream‘ and pistachio dust. Served with coconut ice cream. *Contains Nuts

Poached Tamarind Pears

Cinnamon infused pears in spiced tamarind sauce. Served with coconut ice cream.